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Services & Coaching

Neuromuscular Therapy, Restorative Bodywork. Movement and Health Coaching. Functional Fitness and Corrective Exercise. Invest in your health to avoid ongoing medical expenses. From Injury prevention and recovery to postural adjustments or simple health and weight maintentance. Services to help you Breakthrough to a Better You!

Online Programs

Start right away with these online course offerings! Information, education, and simple steps and guides on how to apply the learning in the lessons to get going, keep going, and follo through the steps for achieving your goal. Self guided with additional support and resources available.

Wellness Integration Solution Essentials

Life is all about Choices.

Breakthrough to a Better YOU!

Don’t buy into the myth of aging. Take action. Invest in your health.

Do you wake up aching and dream of moving with ease?

Fed up with deprivation diets and fitness fads?

Brain fog and forgetfulness frustrating you?

Want simple strategies for daily health without effort?

Goal Setting

Find your WHY! Motivation & Meaning, Timing & Tracking, Starting SMART

Take AIM, Get Going, Keep Going!

Weight Management

50ish and flabby doesn’t feel good! Age related changes create tummy taming trouble.

Don’t diet, sensible eating saves lives!

Stress Reduction

Mind over matter doesn’t mean the matter’s settled! Stress is required for life but balancing stress isn’t easy in the modern world. 

Mindful Exsistence Essentials!

Functional Movement

Exercise is optional. Movement is mandatory. Overcome limitaions and move into active enjoyment lifelong.

ACE your Movement Efficiency!

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

A coach helps you be the best you can be.

Coaches inform, educate, mentor, teach, guide, motivate, challenge, support and uplift individuals to build skills and abilities, improve performance, overcome setbacks, make changes, accomplish goals, and achieve results.

There are athletic coaches, business coaches, finance coaches, fitness coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches, and almost any other type of coach you can imagine.

Coaching is for anyone seeking to maximize efforts, accelerate progress, and accomplish goals.

Health Coaching

A health coach focuses on helping you choose appropriate aspects healthy living and well-being. Guidance encompasses general nutritional information, physical activity guidelines, mental attitude and outlook. A health coach DOES NOT diagnose, treat, heal or provide individualized diet, nutition, or exercise planning unless credentialed and/or licensed to do so under another professional designation. 

Weight Management

Food choices and eating habits are simple soloutions to aquiring optimal health. Making changes in how and what we eat isn’t easy.

Health coaching helps you get off the diet rollercoastter or couch of comfort food and find personal solutions that work for you to get lasting results.

Stress and Anxiety Strategies

Stress is a necessary component of life. However, the way in which we stress constantly and the layered stressors of modern living is incredibly unhealthy and detrimental.

Health coaching for stress and anxiety helps you overcome the overwhelming onslaught and find peaceful coexistance with the ways of the world.

Positive Lifestyle Change

From weekend cleanouts to transformations that take months or years, coaching is the great accelerator. 

Smart starts, sifting through overwhelming options and information, managing maintenance, overcoming obstacles. A coach keeps you on track in the right direction with the right resources for what you need now.

Movement and Posture

Modern living puts repetetive strains on our bodies in multiple manners. Muscle tension, joint discomfort, aching exhaustion and pathetic postural alignment drags on us day after day.

With coaching find ease in integrations for better movement, easing daily discomforts, and achieving active longevity fit for freedom and fun.

Wendy S Wiseman

I’m a mover and a shaker, a Health Catalyst, 50+yo GenXer, fierce female Founder/Creator of programs such as WISE Choices, The PRAISE Method, and the Tension Taming Toolbox Tribe for Better Movement, More Energy, Simple Health.

As a Certified Health Coach, Neuromuscular Therapist and Human Movement Specialist I guide busy professionals and feel-old folks out of aching exhaustion and beyond frustrating limitations with simple strategies for enjoying lifelong wellness.

My mission is creating a better world with Happier Healthier Humans.

Quotes from Clients

“Working with Wendy has given me long periods of time with no pain at all. I have never had such relief. I am no longer on opiates.”

“The beauty is it’s not a boring rountine. I do things spontaneously, imperfectly, depending on what’s happening. Emphasizing progress not perfection feels really good.”

“I really enjoyed the self-care strategies. It’s gentle and not hard at all. Easy to incorporate throughout my day.”

Courses, Coaching, & Resources

Get Going

This online course guides you through the steps to achieving your goal:

  • Take AIM
  • Start SMART
  • Get Going
  • Keep Going

Regardless the size or scale of your undertaking these steps are keys to success.

Accomplish your objective, reach the destination you desire, Get Going!

30 days of ME

These 30 simple tips for seizing moments to focus on self-care, sustenance, stress management, and strategies for making sensible choices to reduce discomfort, boost energy and retain vitality in this draining culture of busy living.

  • Movement Enrichment
  • Meal Elements
  • Mind Exploration

Ebook and emails with helpful hints, reminders, tips and actions for integrating a bit more ME TIME into each and every day. 

WISE Choices

Life is all about choices!

Learn simple health strategies for well-being without the worries of roller coaster deprivation dieting, fitness fads, or hours at the gym. You don’t even have to give up wine or chocolate!

This program provides the knowledge, tools, and actions you need to easily navigate the many health hurdles of modern living with simple solutions of your choosing.

Get Going with Lifelong Ease and Enjoyment 

There’s no better time than now to take action. Tomorrow may actually be too late. How long can your body carry you before it breaks down and medical intervention is required?

Schedule your strategy session to discover options moving you toward the results you desire. Take the first step!

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